Stichting The Ocean Cleanup



1. Fundraiser: a natural or legal person who registers, has registered or will register to fundraise for The Ocean Cleanup on

2. Fundraising Campaign: any fundraising activities taken on by a Fundraiser on

3. Donation: any asset, including any monetary amount, gifted by a Donor to The Ocean Cleanup, by means of electronic authorization through, the website of The Ocean Cleanup or otherwise.

4. Donor: a natural or legal person who donates, has donated or will donate a Donation to The Ocean Cleanup.

5. Goal: The Ocean Cleanup is committed to developing and scaling technologies for the removal of plastic pollution from the seas and oceans. 6. The Ocean Cleanup: The Ocean Cleanup, a foundation (Stichting) established under the laws of the Netherlands with its seat in Rotterdam and registered office at Coolsingel 6, 3011 AD Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every Fundraising Campaign and to every Donation.

2. By creating a Fundraising Campaign and/or by making a Donation, the Fundraiser and/or the Donor respectively, agree with these General Terms and Conditions.

3. The Ocean Cleanup uses the personal data of each Fundraiser and each Donor as specified in the Privacy and Cookie Notice website of The Ocean Cleanup (Privacy and Cookie Notice • The Ocean Cleanup) and processes this personal data in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie Notice.


1. By creating a Fundraising Campaign, a Fundraiser gives permission to The Ocean Cleanup to freely use its name, image and any content provided for the Fundraising Campaign on The Ocean Cleanup websites and on social media.

2. The Ocean Cleanup reserves the right to reject the creation or continuation of a Fundraising Campaign if found to entail integrity and/or reputational risks.

3. Fundraisers are responsible for any costs incurred due to the Fundraising Campaign.

4. Fundraisers are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as relevant health and safety standards when organizing an event related to their Fundraising Campaign.

5. The Ocean Cleanup does not have any legal or financial liability for a Fundraising Campaign or arising from any relevant fundraising activities and events.

6. Fundraising Campaigns organized by companies/businesses may only be aimed internally at their employees for engagement and not at their customers. External messaging on Fundraising Campaigns for The Ocean Cleanup may not be tied to the respective business sales. Non-compliance with the terms of this clause can be considered as an integrity and/or reputational risk to the absolute discretion of The Ocean Cleanup and lead to the rejection or discontinuation of a Fundraising Campaign, as per above term 3.2.


1. By making a Donation, a Donor agrees that The Ocean Cleanup and any and all (future) subsidiaries and/or affiliates of The Ocean Cleanup are entitled to use a Donation at their own discretion, within the scope of the Goal and the articles of association of The Ocean Cleanup.

2. A Donation is irrevocable.

3. Recurring donations can be cancelled upon request by the Donor, by contacting us through our website.

4. The Ocean Cleanup will provide any Donor with a donation certificate upon request by the Donor.


1. The district court of Amsterdam has exclusive jurisdiction to judge all disputes which arise between The Ocean Cleanup and a Fundraiser concerning a Fundraising Campaign, and The Ocean Cleanup and a Donor concerning a Donation.

2. Dutch law applies to a Fundraising Campaign, a Donation and these general terms and conditions.

Thank you for supporting The Ocean Cleanup and helping us to rid the oceans of plastic. If you have any questions or requests regarding a Fundraising Campaign or a Donation please do not hesitate to contact us.