Every year, millions of tons of plastic are washed into our oceans, with the majority being emitted from rivers. The ocean plastic crisis devastates wildlife, ecosystems, communities and livelihoods around the world each day, and urgent action is required to repair the damage humanity has caused. 


It’s thanks to you, and your vital support, that we can work towards cleaner oceans every day. Here’s what a few of our crew members, partners and supporters say about our mission:

"The local community in Kingston, Jamaica, is welcoming us and eager to help, because most of them live right at the banks of the gully and they are affected the most by the plastic pollution. They are happy to know that initiatives are put in place to bring solutions. The cleanup also helps save their mangroves, which have been damaged by the pollution for many years."

Alecia Beauford
Operator, Clean Harbors Limited Jamaica

Alecia Beauford Image

"It's quite incredible when you see all that trash together, that huge patch, and you think wow, that's what was on our beaches? That’s what all the wildlife was playing in? I can’t believe we actually figured out something that can help this. The whole community is so excited to have clean beaches and to have wildlife not be interfered with."

Danny Devaldenebro
Local Resident, Los Angeles, USA, on Interceptor 007

Danny Devaldenebro Image

"Cleaning up legacy plastic pollution in our oceans is necessary to safeguard marine life. Without cleanup, plastic will continue to impact marine ecosystems for centuries. There's no time to lose, and we need your help to solve this global crisis. Thank you, from all of us, for helping us protect our oceans.”

Matthias Egger
Head of Environmental & Social Affairs at The Ocean Cleanup

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Thanks to your support we are currently cleaning up plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with System 03. We aim for this system to be the blueprint for scaling to a fleet of systems capable of cleaning the entire GPGP.

Total Ocean Catch Graph
System 03 Drone Footage


Your support enables us to install Interceptors in highly polluting rivers around the world. These Interceptors stop plastic on its way to the oceans, reducing the inflow of pollution. The Ocean Cleanup has deployed 15 Interceptors in 8 different countries, and there's many more in the pipeline.

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