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I am raising funds to clean the oceans!

 Welcome to my page!  

I set up this fundraiser because I find it important to support organizations like The Ocean Cleanup, to get a cleaner and healthier ocean for all! The Ocean Cleanup’s mission is to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040.  

Would you kindly consider making any donation you can to support my fundraiser? Please tell your family and friends about my campaign. I would really appreciate it if you could help me get the word out. The impact increases with the number of people who are aware. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity; it means a lot! 


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Happy Birthday Fiona!!



Happy birthday Fiona! We love that you love the ocean! We do too :)


Zachary Ruderman


Camille And Family

Happy Birthday Fiona! So happy to know a kind and thoughtful person like you!


Viviane En Bompie

Mooi prachtig initiatief Fiona. Vele groetjes van Vivane en Bompie


Elke (memeke) En Vriend Kenny

Lieve Fiona, Waaaw en super knap dat je dit doet! We need more Fiona’s in the World!! Vele kusjes! Mijn vriend Kenny en je memeke sponseren je graag! Veel Liefs en gelukkige verjaardag!


Starnes Family

Such a good cause! Happy to support you!


Cadence Chiu

Yeah! Let's get all that ocean plastic!


Hazel Schwartz

Happy birthday, Fiona! Thanks for making the world a better place! ❤️ Hazel


Eliane Van Slycken

Happy birthday Fiona! I am sooo proud of you!


Kashvi Gupta

You have such a kind heart, Fiona! Lots of love


Zoë Saltz

Happy 10th Birthday Fiona!


Arjun Rao

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