6th Grade Earth Science

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Join me in raising funds for cleaner oceans!

Welcome to our page: 

We are starting this fundraiser because we have been learning about the Earth all year and most recently the ocean.  We want to help clean up plastic in the ocean; The Ocean Cleanup’s mission is to remove 90% of floating oceans plastic by 2040. 

If we raise $200 or more, we pledge to walk one mile. Please support us and The Ocean Cleanup by making any donation you can. The more people who know about this, the greater the impact. We would love it if you would share our fundraiser with friends, family, and more. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity; it means a lot! 


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Monday 20th May
Thank you for donating to this amazing cause!  Below you will find before and after pictures of our 1 mile walk!  All the kids did a great job!! :) 

If we raise $200, We pledge to walk 1 mile!

Thursday 2nd May
We pledge to walk/run a mile at school if we can raise $200 to help clean up the ocean.  

Check Out Our Posters Below!

Thursday 2nd May
Did you know? 
1.  8.8 million tons of plastic pollute the ocean each year according to studies.  
2. 33% of fish were found to have consumed plastic.  
3. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has nearly 100,000 metric tons of plastic!

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Catherine Karlak

Great job TMS 6th grade science!


Beckam Butler Famiy


Mrs. Litteken


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Jessica Nigro

Thank you for doing what you can to save the oceans!


Tyler Turner


The Whitehead Family


Kristin Stalets


Mike Raymond


Mrs. Knolhoff

Let's Cleanup the Ocean!

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